margin-right: auto; So I stopped, probably prematurely. Been contemplating using henna on my hair for years. margin-top: 0%; margin-right: auto; color: white; display: table; display: table; Medium Brown. It is also a natural anti gray hair dye and will effectively cover 100% gray hair. font-size: 20px; margin-right: auto; width: 200px; } display: table; } img#brush_stroke_two{ Our dermatologist recommended herbal hair colour dyes are simple to use and they colour hair auburn, black and brown, and shades in between . Our Henna for Hair Dye is synthetic chemical free, contains no metallic salts, ammonia or PPD. button.learn_more_button{ Rejuvenate your hair with Morrocco Method's 100% Natural Red Henna Hair Dye gives your hair a refreshing new look. padding-right: 45px; If not, are there future plans to do so? It's natural and it dyes your hair without making your hair feel like straw, even though it may smell like it for a couple of days LOL. display: table; I tried in the past to use shampoos/zen detox but it made my hair heavy looking. $18.46 $ 18. margin-right: auto; color: black; border: 4px solid black; margin-left: auto !important; border: 2px solid black; margin-left: auto !important; color: white; Henna Hair Dye - Light Brown Assembly. display: table; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; I was very surprised by and in denial of my allergies for awhile because I have never had allergies anything before (Except hair dye) However, whenever our cat was around, my eyes and throat were itchy, I felt a little short of breath and overall very lethargic, like something zapped my energy. and the flyaways are gone.”, Indigo on blonde hair or gray hair (click and scroll down the page). .row { margin-top: 2%; margin-left: auto !important; display: table; Here are all the after pictures – flash and no flash. font-size: 1em; margin-right: auto; p.BA_info{ width: 210px; I was a little scared as I’d only used my last colour and bleach about a month ago, but I was so fed up with my colour that I was prepared to try so I jumped right in and I love henna and indigo ! } font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; A lot of hair stylists say you can’t henna after chemicals (or vice versa, as I’m sure you know), but if you’re using pure henna, then you’re good to go. } display: table; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; Judy was experiencing hair thinning before she found Morrocco Method. font-weight: 700; margin-left: auto; h3.Customers_name_two{ } margin-right: auto; display: table; img#brush_stroke_three{ display: table; display: table; margin-left: auto !important; width: 40%; background: black; margin-right: auto; margin-right: auto; .BA-heading { text-align: center; font-weight: 700; } font-size: 1.35em; padding-right: 10px; display: table; padding-left: 30px; div.BA_intro{ } Stage 2 indigo after the henna will then turn your auburn to chestnut brown hair, through to chocolate brown hair, through to black, depending how long you leave the  indigo in your hair for. I couldn’t bear the thought of going gray, but with some persistance I was very fortunate to discover your website. p{ color: white; I didn’t want to go too red with the henna or too dark. font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; display: table; I've noticed that it fades out after about 4 weeks, but it's so inexpensive when compared to salon prices. margin-top: 0%; Light Copper/Strawberry Blonde Light copper shows best on all blonde tones and light brown or hair tones. We are here to support you all the way in your natural hair colour journey. padding: 8px; width: 100%; display: table; margin-right: auto; text-align: center; margin-top: 4%; display: table; padding: 10px; margin-top: 2%; } Check them out below. h3.Customers_name_thirteen{ color: #c12026; } margin-top: -10%; } background: -webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,from(#009fdf),to(#0992c9)) !important; Leaving the color on longer will enhance your color and intensify the conditioning treatment. } } color: black; background: white; FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. padding-left: 45px; button.buy_now_two { Finally, if you’ve used hair dyes and especially bleaches on your hair, do not use indigo for at least 6 to 8 weeks since the last dye or bleach applictaion, as indigo over bleached and dyed hair can be unpredictable, not to mention green ! background: -webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,from(#009fdf),to(#0992c9)); margin-top: 1%; margin-right: auto; I read the very interesting ebook about Anthony Morrocco and started browsing the website. .BA_title{ font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; Scrappy Doo’s Photoshoot  : Bleaching Hair after Henna, and Henna after Bleached Hair ! img#brush_stroke_four{ /*Medium devices (tablets, 768px and up)*/ } display: table; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; margin-right: auto; margin-right: auto; margin-top: 3.5% !important; } } I'll never go back to chemical hair color dyes again! Henna brows are a form of eyebrow tinting that is used to stain the skin beneath the brow hairs. margin-left: auto !important; padding-left: 20px; line-height: .85em; margin-top: -2.5%; h4.journey_title{ Lunar Hair Chart, Light Brown Henna 8/2/19. margin-top: 2.7%; margin-left: auto !important; margin-top: 4%; margin-left: auto !important; img#brush_stroke_thirteen{ I have since used it 3 more times with no reaction. Henna Maiden Golden Light Brown is a warm chestnut shade, perfect for someone with darker blonde hair looking to add a little more brown or a lighter brunette seeking to maintain their color but add that beautiful shine that only henna can offer. } height: 200px; background: #efefef; After shampooing you would want to leave your Henna Color of choice on for at least 90 minutes before rinsing out. width: 200px; } height: auto; } h3.Customers_name_tweleve{ If you're a newbie to the henna and herbal hair colors world, I bet you're certain that brown henna (whether it's dark brown, light brown or chocolate brown) exists...Well, there's nothing more wrong than that!. width: 100%; No. } background: -webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,from(#009fdf),to(#0992c9)); $12.50. display: table; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; } margin-left: auto !important; margin-top: -2.5%; img#brush_stroke_eleven{ font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; display: table; h3.Customers_name_seven{ Both henna and indigo were rather easy to apply. text-align: center; padding-right: 30px; For a light copper or tone, mix either Moroccan or Jamila henna with cassia at a ratio of 10/90. margin-left: -1%; img.henna_one_images{ I used henna brun over my dried out blonde hair and the result was an amazing caramel brown colour! @media (max-width: 768px) { This particular light brown henna may still impart a lot of red tones, or brassiness. ( I have experience with henna and indigo before. My dad and a *lot* of my relatives have naturally red hair so I have the right complexion. line-height: .85em; background: white; padding-right: 20px; div.home_slide_intro{ width: 100%; } color: white; padding-bottom: 6%; button.buy_now_two:hover { font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; padding: 6px; font-weight: 700; margin-bottom: -4% !important; As a result, I now apply henna (5T henna plus 2T sugar) for about 2 hours, followed by the indigo (5T) for 40 minutes. h3.Customers_name_two{ Design Before And After. When I first started Morrocco Method...Read More. Morrocco Method's 100% Natural Dark Brown Henna Hair Dye is the perfect color for people looking to deepen their natural shade of dark brown while adding shine and intensity to their hair color. We hope you will enjoy our  professional organic hair colour and natural hair care products to use at home. font-weight: 600 !important; I hadn't trimmed or cut my hair in years and so my hair has never grown past shoulder length and I had a lot of breakage from damaged ends from using blow dryer brush over the past year. margin-top: 1%; } margin-left: auto !important; width: 200px; My hair came out beautiful, after letting most of my henna wash out during COVId, I was able to use the Light brown, yay! line-height: .85em; display: table; display: table; } h3.Customers_name{ h3.Customers_name_two{ color: white; My hair has been previously chemically coloured. h3.Customers_name_seven{ You are a lifesaver! I added 2 tbs of dry aloe Vera, 2 tbs brahmi, 4 tbs ACV, 1cam of coconut milk. margin-left: auto !important; margin-left: auto !important; color: white; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; margin-top: 3%; margin-top: 0%; background: -webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,from(#0992c9),to(#009fdf)); margin-right: auto; button.buy_now_two { It’s a good example of how using natural henna after chemicals can work out lovely. margin-right: auto; width: 100%; Pure indigo on its own on any light hair colour including grey hair, gray hair, blonde hair colour, or  ash hair colour  will turn blue or blue green. I mixed the henna with lemon juice and a bit of rosemary, mostly for scent. margin-right: auto; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif;{ .emunah-test { display: table; h3.Customers_name_six{ img#brush_stroke_eleven{ I took a long hiatus from the products, though, for about a year, I have been using them consistently. keep away from red colours, unless you want red! margin-left: auto !important; Enter your e mail address in the sign up link towards the bottom of this page & remember to click the opt in link in the confirmation e mail (check junk mail). As it turned out, the red color suited me well and I’ve now hennaed my hair three times. font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; } margin-right: auto; h3.Customers_name_eight{ Just as before, my hair is so super soft and shiny after henna-ing it. width: 230px; I am happy with the color and I think I will be able to tell more this time around when it starts to fade, so I will let you guys know how long it lasts. font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; margin-left: auto !important; } color: white; margin-right: auto; img#brush_stroke_seven{ margin-right: auto; margin-right: auto; margin-right: auto; padding-right: 30px; .Emunah-BA { img#brush_stroke_eleven{ padding-top: 4%; padding-left: 20px; We have sourced and harvested the finest raw plants and herbs to colour hair and to condition and strengthen your hair. padding: 6px; @media (max-width: 575px) { display: table; Since then, my hair has become easier to detangle. text-align: center; } Many strand tests give disappointing results which are  nowhere near the results from a full hair colour application which give stunning hair colour. I did do a couple of trial swatches, but for some reason, once it was on my head all common sense left me and I thought after all that work I needed to really make sure my resistant grays took the color. } } padding-left: 20px; margin-left: auto; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; margin-top: 2%; padding: 10px; display: none; } Jann had been dealing with bad chemical damage due to toxic haircare products she has used in the past until she tried Morrocco Method. margin-top: 2%; Don't be fooled--there were a lot of damaged, easily tangled ends I had. } margin-left: -4% !important; text-align: center; width: 200px; margin-left: auto !important; } margin-right: auto; I’m attaching 2 photos – taken last weekend of how my hair looked after my last lot of colour and bleach, and how it now looks after henna and indigo. } img#vegan_award{ I cannot remember how I came across Morrocco Method website. background: -webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,from(#0992c9),to(#009fdf)); Thanks so much! font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; A dark brown base with eye-grabbing auburn hues. } font-size: 1.35em; Stock Photos; margin-top: -11%; } ! You can use pure henna or deep red. Add to Cart. display: table; margin-left: -4%; Plus 48 hours after to show oxidization change ️ img#brush_stroke_five{ display: table; display: grid; display: table; I immediately became very allergic to her. width: 200px; margin-top: 2.8%; margin-right: auto; } padding-left: 45px; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; font-weight: 700; Standard disclaimer: Henna is permanent on hair and it's extremely hard to get rid of it, the best option if you want to get rid of it is to cut your hair off. } } margin-right: auto; margin-right: auto; My last permanent colour was mid December with loads of bleached copper highlights; however I had to colour semi permanent over it 2 weeks ago as holiday sun faded it. Susan was experiencing bad chemical burnout due to harmful haircare she has used before coming across Morrocco Method. before – in sun – most of the hair was permanently colored lighter and redder, and covered with permanent as close to my own hair color, dark brown, but was still lighter and a little red. img#brush_stroke_three{ img#brush_stroke_one{ background: -webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,from(#009fdf),to(#0992c9)); } } I'm 50 and feel fabulous because of my new color. margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto !important; It’s a beautiful coat of many colours. display: table; It turned out that Lush offers samples of henna before one decides to buy an entire block. text-align: center; } I was researching how to treat damaged hair and from one site to another I reached Morrocco Method and I was hooked. margin-top: 2%; padding-left: 20px; Distinctive, but subtle on brunettes. font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; display: table; display: table; .BA_row{ Penny-colored highlights reflect to a toasty auburn-orange in direct light—simply smashing. margin-right: auto; Deep red will show in the sun and bright light. padding-right: 45px; width: 200px; } margin-left: auto !important; Two step henna gives me better results. } font-weight: 600; font-size: 20px; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; padding: 8px; margin-left: auto !important; margin-top: 2%; padding: 10px; padding: 10px; } margin-right: auto; } margin-right: auto; } In the last 3 mos I've been brushing my hair with boar bristle only and stopped using hair dryer. display: table; margin-left: auto !important; display: table; Just FYI. margin-top: 0%; padding: 10px; Joan had been dealing with bad chemical damage due to chemicals in her haircare she was used to for decades until she tried Morrocco Method. padding-right: 30px; width: 230px; } I opted not to use the indigo in the end. h3.Customers_name_five{ font-weight: 700; I use red first then dark brown. margin-top: -1.8%; margin-left: auto !important; margin-right: auto; The colour I would like to achieve is medium brown/red.”, Brown hair swatch after Renaissance henna, Brown hair swatch after henna and indigo plant hair dyes, “Hello Sabrina, Just to let you know that I put the henna on my hair yesterday (3 hours). font-weight: 700; margin-right: auto; margin-top: -1.5%; } Stock Photos; } padding-right: 20px; You will see these are in a different style. margin-left: auto !important; img#brush_stroke_eight{ }{ display: table; I used to colour my hair with chemical dyes, used a million products to make my hair look decent. } font-size: 18px; margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; margin-top: 2%; font-size: 1.15em; img.henna_eleven_images{ In the video tutorial you'll find below, I suggest you various henna and herbal hair colors mixes, with various percentages, in order to cover your gray hair and to obtain different shades of brown hair color. Company Registration Number: 07408958, Registered Office Address: width: 100%; margin-left: auto !important; } font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; background: #efefef; ” I actually have naturally light-medium brown hair as you can see in my beforepic .. it’s been a long time, lol). display: table; border: 2px solid black; The set came with a cleanser and exfoliating cream to prep (no one likes flaky brows), five capsules of dark brown henna powder, rose water to mix with the henna, an oil for aftercare, a little mixing tub and an angled brush for application. margin-left: auto !important; } In the first pic, I have nothing on my brows (or lashes). margin-left: auto !important; font-size: 1em; font-weight: bold !important; } border: 2px solid black; font-weight: 600 !important; padding-left: 10px; margin-right: auto; Using henna in my hair leaves it amazingly soft and silky, well conditioned, and a bit thicker than before. padding-right: 20px; margin-right: auto; A detailed instructions booklet accompanies our beginner’s herbal hair dye kit. a:hover{ The Lunar Chart displays the optimal dates each month for cutting your hair based on your specific hair goal. Safe Cosmetic Stock Image - Image of concept, apply: 170169321. When O confirmed that it was an allergy, and I saw how zapped and sickly I felt, At first I thought we just had to get rid of her, but I wanted to try your cat shampoo first. margin-right: auto; margin-left: -3%; button.buy_now_two { font-size: 1.35em; background: -webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,from(#009fdf),to(#0992c9)); margin-right: auto; 70 Wood Street, London, E17 3HT, UK, Postal Address: It blent in absolutely perfect! I did some... About reviewer Age 25-29 ... light brown very fine hair that is starting to thin out. h3.Customers_name_four{ P.O.Box 45882 margin-right: auto; } I shampooed it out with MM Heavenly Essence shampoo. line-height: .85em; } } font-weight: 700; background: -webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,from(#009fdf),to(#0992c9)); font-size: 20px; I took a long hiatus from the products, though, for about a year...Read More. margin-left: auto !important; width: 140px; display: table; background: black; } margin-top: -2.5%; h3.Customers_name_ten{ font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; padding: 10px; I did not add anything but boiling water (henna), lukewarm water (indigo), both Brita filtered. It enhanced my natural red highlights, and gave a great light sheen to it. img#brush_stroke_three{ text-align: center; display: table; margin-right: -2%; David was experiencing hair thinning and a diminishing hairline before he found Morrocco Method. margin-left: auto !important; } img.Santa{ Gentle Facial Skin Care. margin-left: auto !important; } a{ } This is Jacky’s auburn hair after using Renaissance Henna – compare the colour now with her starting colour in the strand test hair photos above. margin-top: 0%; Detailed mixing and application instructions come with the Renaissance Henna Plant Hair Dye Kit. background: -webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,from(#009fdf),to(#0992c9)); margin-top: 1.3%; it’s a very nice cherry color and i love how shiny my hair is. font-weight: 700; padding-top: 4%; margin-right: auto; } display: table; margin-left: auto !important; background: -webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,from(#0992c9),to(#009fdf)); The last two pictures about 10 months after using MM and colouring my hair with henna. London I know my hair will look better and better as I get the damage cut off and continue to henna my hair! We don’t guarantee your end result hair colour, but we’re certain you’ll love it, and that you’ll be hooked ! button.learn_more_button:hover{ } } } h3.Customers_name_fourteen{ margin-top: 3%; width: 200px; Light brown is a natural, versatile light hue, that enhances the brilliant effect of dark blonde to light blonde hair. padding-left: 30px; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; button.buy_now_two:hover { display: table; h3.Customers_name_eight{ padding: 10px; padding-right: 45px; margin-bottom: 4%; margin-top: 2%; } In recent years, I began using sulfate and Paraben free shampoos and strictly used Moroccan Oil brand in Israel. display: table; button.buy_now_two { color:#c12026; h3.Customers_name_ten{ padding: 8px; display: table; color: white; padding: 10px; img.henna_five_images{ img#brush_stroke_eight{ margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto !important; margin-top: 2%; Whether you want to darken your hair or give it a light sun kissed look to it. } } It is easy to apply and safe for the entire family. Black ages ago and still visible on the bottom 2 inches or so and a burgundy brown in September which had faded somewhat and my roots were showing through (and the dreaded greys!). What you need: A weekend. padding-left: 10px; margin-left: auto !important; The colour is so lovely that I don’t intend to use the indigo. font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; button.main_buy_now { padding: 10px; color: white; margin-top: 0%; font-weight: 700; } color: white; } display: table; margin-right: auto; display: table; } width: 100%; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; display: table; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; It always gives me the best results. margin-left: auto !important; It was so thin and I had to use so many styling products for it to look decent. There is so much hair healing and well being for us in these ancient herbs that is sadly overlooked, ignored & forgotten. was too tempting to pass up. padding-left: 20px; Make beautiful designs on your arms and legs. h4.journey_title{ background: black; margin-right: auto; I felt like I had a constant cold. } img#brush_stroke_fourteen{ I have tried several and all washed out or bled for 2 weeks. If I do henna again, Morrocco Method is my go-to for sure! Ash natural brown – (10% black or 10% dark brown) and 90% natural brown. $12.50. h3.Customers_name_six{ h3.Customers_name_nine{ height: 225px; margin-top: 4%; height: 325px; I then tried the shampoos again and my hair looks amazing. width: 200px; Our Natural Hair Dye Kit is everything you need to get auburn hair, brown hair, and black hair colour, and all shades in between! text-align: justify; Light Brown Henna is the perfect color for people looking to enhance their natural shade of light brown while adding shine and warmth to their hair color. Due to the dust for weeks in the air, my heavy metal poisoning went into overdrive. } margin-right: auto; } color: black; You won’t believe some of these transformations! h3.Customers_name_fourteen{ margin-left: auto !important; And if the grey hair looks bluish after using indigo ( rare, but it could happen if henna didn’t cover it properly), then just repeat the henna application followed by indigo again. } I am really happy with my results!!! button.buy_now_two { And they don’t always take up colour with the same passion as a full head of hair. An important thing to note, is that this method will ONLY work with Morrocco Method’s henna. margin-right: auto; { Brow Henna by Irina Levchuk is a natural dye made from h enna, an ancient plant that has a rich history of being used for cosmetic colouring purposes spanning thousands of years. a:hover{ font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; margin-left: auto !important; font-weight: 700; Awaken the natural shine of your hair with Morrocco Method's Neutral Henna. } ... black and brown. margin-right: auto; The first time you do the process, it will require a 1-2 day lead time for the henna to develop, before you apply it. } I use it to remove the hints of red from my dark brown henna. img#vegan_award{ font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; text-align: center; display: table; margin-left: auto !important; Henna Eyebrow Tinting. padding-left: 20px; background: -webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,from(#0992c9),to(#009fdf)); .read-testimonial { } h3.Customers_name{ Morrocco Method: Living The Dream (Sean's Story). margin-right: auto; img#brush_stroke_two{ During some years I used Logona umbra (100% organic). margin-top: 3%; Light brown discharge during ovulation. button.buy_now_two:hover { margin-left: auto !important; display: table; background: -webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,from(#0992c9),to(#009fdf)); margin-left: auto !important; font-size: 18px; } margin-left: auto !important; margin-top: 2%; margin-top: 0%; margin-right: auto; margin-left: -3%; margin-top: 2%; img#brush_stroke_nine{ margin-top: 0%; padding: 2.5%; margin-left: auto !important; margin-left: auto !important; display: table; background: #efefef; It is always going to depend on the base hair colour of your clients. margin-top: 2%; display: table; .testimonial-date { font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; height: 250px; color: white; The  hair colour strand tests don’t always give you an accurate prediction of your end result hair colour. margin-right: auto; font-weight: 700; display: table; You can then add the indigo/katam paste into the henna paste (bowl) for brown tones. font-size: 20px; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; h3.Customers_name_eleven{ margin-right: auto; } margin-top: 3.5% !important; img#brush_stroke_four{ margin-top: 3%; font-weight: 700; margin-left: -4%; text-align: center; width: 140px; } color: white; p.BA_info { button.learn_more_button:hover{ It was so thin and I had to use...Read More, I used Amla to tone down my blonde highlights and control my frizz. margin-left: auto !important; margin-left: auto !important; margin-left: auto !important; display: table; Almost all my hair. color: white; padding: 10px; display: block; } } font-size: 20px; background: #efefef !important; Even when using stale or leftover mixtures I get great color that blends in well with my natural tones and highlights.”, ” I hennaed my girlfriend’s hair today! display: table; } display: table; This 100% plant based natural hair dye actively conditions and protects the hair strand while providing brilliant color and shine. width: 200px; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; padding-left: 20px;{ background: #efefef; I look forward to the regrowth process that I will share some months later. “Thank you very much, Renaissance Henna! Before - After picture after using Morrocco Method Products. display: table; display: table; Light brown lashes and brows; Mixable with all 8 RefectoCil tints. It is also very conditioning for the hair. @media (min-width: 576px) and (max-width: 767px) { margin-top: 0%; margin-bottom: 0% !important; When we first took in Yehudit we bathed her with a normal chemical flea and tick shampoo. display: table; button.buy_now:hover { } The result of the second treatment was better, no more patches. margin-left: auto !important; img#brush_stroke_ten{ h3.Customers_name_seven{ You can go over this time as well, leaving it up to 2 hours. h3.Customers_name{ h3.Customers_name_eleven{ margin-right: auto; Picture 1 is before and picture 2 is after an application of light brown henna hair dye. I’m sharing these tips so … padding-right: 10px; Our classic brown Henna/Indigo Fusion is designed to bring in the brilliant ginger tints just enough to hug the smooth brown permanent base. margin-top: 0%; width: 210px; } Henna Indigo. font-size: 18px; margin-left: auto !important; } margin-top: 2%; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; display: table; h3.Customers_name_tweleve{ I was looking through some Facebook photos and came across these. } display: table; margin-top: -2.5%; margin-left: auto !important; margin-right: auto; padding: 10px; display: table; The second pic was taken immediately after the henna brow treatment was finished. After I applied the paste I wrapped with plastic and a towel and left it covered for one hour. font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; width: 200px; margin-left: auto !important; margin-top: 2%; img.lupus_one_images{ } } h3.Customers_name_three{ width: 100%; padding: 10px; margin-left: auto; h3.Customers_name_eight{ display: grid; } margin-top: 1.9%; font-size: 18px; width: 100%; padding: 10px; img#brush_stroke_one{ Before - After picture after using Morrocco Method Medium Brown Henna.. Before - After picture after using Morrocco Method Light Brown Henna and Amla. color: white; h3.Customers_name_tweleve{ This was one of my favorite turnouts! height: auto; This method stays 3 weeks. font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; padding-left: 45px; img#brush_stroke_fourteen{ margin-top: 2%; span#handcrafted{ display: table; } img#brush_stroke_thirteen{ font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; height: 180px; } h3.Customers_name_tweleve{ } display: grid; } font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; Light Copper/Strawberry Blonde Light copper shows best on all blonde tones and light brown or hair tones. margin-top: 3%; display: table; width: 100%; padding: 10px; font-size: 1.15em; Light Brown Henna is the perfect color for people looking to enhance their natural shade of light brown while adding shine and warmth to their hair color. padding: 6px; display: table; img.cd_two_images{ width: 100%; width: 100%; READ MORE: ... A before and after look at applying the Lush Henna "Caca Noir" natural hair dye. background: -webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,from(#009fdf),to(#0992c9)); h3.Customers_name_three{ margin-right: auto; } Brighten up your style! Hi I have naturally light blonde hair and in the recent years I had a white patch of hair appear at my temples. margin-right: auto; margin-top: 2%; a{ h3.Customers_name_fourteen{ padding-right: 45px; button.main_buy_now { Curl Power did a nice job elongating my natural curls while moisturizing my hair. img#brush_stroke_five{ border: 2px solid black; img#brush_stroke_eleven{ img.henna_five_images { button.buy_now { font-size: 20px; Engaging in a rough sexual intercourse session could lead to light bleeding or spotting before and after you have completed your ovulation. font-size: 1.95em; } font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; color: black; margin-left: auto !important; Thank you, Morrocco Method! display: table; } margin-left: auto !important; display: table; padding-right: 40px; Dark Brown. padding-right: 30px; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; } a:hover{ padding-left: 40px; margin-top: 0%; h3.Customers_name_eleven{ buy light brown henna surya colour cream, that way it wont be a fire red. Before and After Henna Hair Color Treatment. img#brush_stroke_six{ margin-right: auto; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; width: 200px; h3.Customers_name_two{ This article is about how to mix henna and indigo for light to dark brown … background: white; width: 200px; } img#brush_stroke{ font-weight: 700; font-size: 14px; color: white; } h3.Customers_name_nine{ text-align: center; Buying henna online didn’t sound great to me mainly because I have never been anywhere near henna before. Indigo after henna will give you brown hair colour,even on 100% grey hair. img#brush_stroke_tweleve{ margin-right: auto; I then tried the shampoos again and my hair looks amazing....Read More. Light Brown Henna hair dye from “The Henna guys” is made from henna leaves grown in the indigenous hearty soils and then sifted thrice before being added into the henna color packet. font-weight: 600 !important; font-size: 1.65em; background: -webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,from(#009fdf),to(#0992c9)); margin-left: auto !important; width: 250px; Henna and indigo should be used by every person on the planet at least once in a lifetime. font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; I’m very satisfied with the products. font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; I usually cut on dates for root work, strengthening, and beautifying. margin-left: -3%; I figured that it's time for a change; I can't keep doing the same thing expecting different, better results. img.hl_one_images{ This is a wonderful product. font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; Gentle Facial Skin Care. img#brush_stroke_fourteen{ font-weight: 700; We’ve included some amazing tips that everyone should know.This list will never be complete, and we’ll need all of you to help add to it. .marisa-test { } My hair also feels much softer and stronger after using the henna. margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto; text-align: center; margin-right: auto; img.henna_two_images{ margin-top: 3%; width: 210px; Morrocco Method's 100% Natural Dark Brown Henna Hair Dye gives your hair a refreshing dark brown new look. margin-right: auto; .Emunah-BA { img#brush_stroke_nine{ color: white; For burgundy hair colour use herbal henna mix and indigo over grey hair or light hair colour tones, or  hibiscus purple hair colour  with henna or with indigo. } img#brush_stroke_six{ background: white; All our henna is handpicked from the fields of India. } width: 210px; text-align: center; img#brush_stroke_one{ In many cases indigo ( used with or after henna ) works perfectly well straight after dyes and bleaches, we prefer that you wait a little and eliminate chemical build up –  then go for it ! font-size: 1.15em; } img#brush_stroke_thirteen{ margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto !important; margin-top: 2%; } img#brush_stroke_one{ } h4.journey_title{ } button.buy_now:hover { margin-left: auto !important; padding-left: 30px; img#brush_stroke_ten{ text-align: center; It contains natural henna + indigo + a detailed instructions booklet to guide you through your first time at home hair dye application. padding: 10px; height: 325px; color: white; margin-right: auto; display: table; For best results,use separately – henna first,then indigo to get brown hair.The lighter your starting colour, the more vibrant your resulting stage 1 auburn henna hair colour will be.You’ll get a shade of fiery auburn on lighter colour hair,and deep auburn on darker starting colours. } } Usually when this happens I have to lop off 5 inches of hair because it gets stringy and falls out. } We did remodeling in our house. margin-left: auto !important; display: table; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; } margin-top: 2%; button.view_more { margin-left: auto !important; Brighten your hair with red henna, good for any occasion and any place. margin-top: -0.3%; img#brush_stroke_ten{ margin-top: 3%; You can also use it to reduce the red in light and medium brown henna. font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; They are not the same stuff your hairdresser is probably talking about. color: white; margin-bottom: 6%; } padding: 10px; margin-left: auto !important; display: table; margin-left: -4%; There's no brown henna, but you can dye your hair (even white hair!) } color: white; img#brush_stroke_thirteen{ margin-right: auto; display: table; Thank you, I will be ordering again soon. display: table; I discovered the earth shampoo 20 years ago at a health food store when I was very young. button.buy_now { display: table; } padding-left: 45px; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; margin-left: auto !important; img.intro_BA_image{ display: table; padding-left: 30px; Darken your light streeks with ease with Morrocco Method's Medium Brown Henna. } h3.Customers_name_eight{ color: black; Indigo is sometimes called black henna, but this is yet another plant that will color the hair brown to black tones (must be used with henna to give these results). h3.Customers_name_tweleve{ margin-top: 4%; margin-top: 2%; } Ash light brown – 10% black and 90% light brown. I started graying in my late 20’s/early 30’s and have tried commercial dyes and mail order dyes with very low levels of PPD for over 15 years. font-weight: 700; 10 % off when you sign up to the Newsletter ! display: grid; I used henna brun over my dried out blonde hair and the result was an amazing caramel brown colour! 3. after indigo on the henna (20 min. text-decoration: underline; } Best regards, Jacky.”. margin-top: 2%; margin-right: auto; h3.Customers_name_five{ display: table; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; a.Henna_button{ margin-right: auto; Natural Looking Red Hair Colour from Morocco, Plant-Based Natural Hair Dyes for Eczema & Hair Dye Allergy, Plant Hair Colour: Start Your Natural Hair Colouring Journey, Hair Dye Alternatives & Natural Beauty Shop, Safest Hair Dye Brand Questions & Answers, Plant Based Hair Dye Mission : Hair Love, x, Contact the Herbal Hair Colour Specialists, Light brown henna hair on a sunny day, day 2, My natural hair colour – before I used henna, Barbee’s natural dark brown (previously hennaed hair ) pre -bleach  1, Barbee’s natural dark brown hair colour pre bleach  2, Barbee’s dark brown hair colour re-growth in between bleached hair, Barbee’s hennaed hair 1 – the bleached white hair turns red orange and the natural dark brown hair colour deepens to a slightly reddish brown, Barbee’s hennaed hair 2 Red hair colour contrasting with deep orangy/red brown, Photo 2 Joan’s hair immediately after her first henna, Photo 4 Joan’s hair  after she cut it and hennaed it, Photo 5 Joan’s hair after she cut it and hennaed it, Photo 6 Joan’s hair  after she cut it and hennaed it, Photo 7  Joan’s hair  after she cut it and hennaed it, Before Henna – Jessica’s fluorescent pink dyed hair. height: 325px; text-align: center; Henna is a natural dye made from a plant known as hina or the henna … One question: are the henna and indigo cultivated organically and sustainably? /*Extra large devices (large desktops, 1200px and up)*/ width: 200px; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; h3.Customers_name_six{ margin-right: auto; a{ } display: table; It’s too incredible to miss out on and if you never try it, you’ll never know. background: -webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,from(#0992c9),to(#009fdf)) !important; font-size: 1.15em; } Deep Red Thank you for an amazing product. a{ Girl In A Beauty Salon. padding-right: 45px; img.lupus_three_images{ display: table; The first picture is before using heavenly essence shampoo, sun essence oil and Zen baby powder and the second picture is right after using all 3 products when I gave her her first true bath. display: table; img#brush_stroke_seven{ margin-right: auto; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; p.BA_info{ Study the photographs of natural hair colour swatches showing how they colour with henna, and how they intensify to darker shades after the indigo application. font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; margin-right: auto; Light hair will show very vibrant results with henna. } font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; Luckily I have more hair than God should ever give any one person, so once it quit falling out and I was able to stop panicking, a 50% loss wasn't too terrible. width: 100%; font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; After using Morrocco Method products I noticed less shedding and more growth. margin-top: 2%; margin-left: auto !important; img#brush_stroke_five{ display: table; Contact us to find out about minimum order values  for home delivery within a radius of 2 miles from London E11. h3.Customers_name_eleven{ Define you hair with Medium brown henna, get the natural look you want. img#brush_stroke_tweleve{ color: white; Henna Before and After. h3.Customers_name_four{ Rob was faced with hair loss and a receeding hairline before Morrocco Method came to the rescue. I had not heard of natural hair care before! If you have light blonde hair, your color after henna will usually be a bright reddish orange. margin-left: auto !important; Always do a strand test and even if you like the idea of using indigo on its own, do experiment by using it after henna hair colour as well. button.main_buy_now { margin-right: auto; margin-right: auto; As a result, it wiped out many nutrients and threw my thyroid off, my hair thinned about 50%. margin-left: auto !important; } padding-bottom: 5%; } font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; Sale. margin-top: 3%; I tried it once, after doing some research on henna and I mixed it then let it sit over night before using, and it didn't work very well. For … .category-name:first-child{ button.buy_now { margin-left: auto !important; 10% OFF Your First Order! button.buy_now:hover { p{ Your strand test hair also may not give a true indication of final hair shade because the strand test hair may have uneven colour saturation, especially if you’ve previously used hair dyes. width: 200px; Apr 14, 2019 - Explore All Eyebrows's board "Henna Eyebrows" on Pinterest. I was itching for a bit of a change, and my loving, adventurous, raging id of a sister came into town and deemed it was time for me to try Henna. img#brush_stroke{ color: white; } Ok, I'll share: I have naturally very light blonde hair which I love. } } While you can definitely custom mix shades, adding more red henna to the medium brown would essentially make it closer to the light brown shade. padding-left: 20px; .BA_title{ width: 200px; p.BA_info{ margin-left: auto !important; margin-left: auto; color: black; padding-right: 20px; padding-left: 20px; button.buy_now { h3.Customers_name_nine{ img.henna_seven_images{ This is an amazing product and I would recommend it to anyone even if you’ve just used chemical hair dyes or bleached your hair recently. font-weight: 700; display: table; } img#brush_stroke_tweleve{ display: table; Indigo does not have dye release the same way that henna does, so it must be mixed and used right away, or within 15-20 minutes. h3.Customers_name_one{ } } margin-left: auto !important; display: table; I did do a couple of trial swatches, but for some reason, once it was on my head all common sense left me and I thought after all that work I needed to really make sure my resistant grays took the color. Our henna and indigo are not mixed with metallic salts. Morrocco Method doesn’t pre-mix the indigo and the henna margin-left: auto !important; margin-left: auto !important; display: table; } display: table; margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto !important; } This particular light brown henna may still impart a lot of red tones, or brassiness. } margin-top: 2%; margin-left: auto !important; padding-right: 10px; padding-right: 20px; I like this light brown henna. margin-left: auto !important; Tia xx margin-right: auto; Light Brown. img#brush_stroke{ width: 200px; display: grid; I also use every thing else from mm. margin-right: auto; background: -webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,from(#0992c9),to(#009fdf)); margin-left: auto !important; display: table; text-align: center; The photos don’t do justice at all to the final end result colour – scroll down to the real life photos. button.buy_now:hover { I am very satisfied now with the result! font-weight: 700; } Henna always dyes hair with a coppery tint. I have lots of grey. padding-right: 20px; font-weight: 700; The exact color that you get will depend on your original color going into the dying process. I am also a complete henna virgin, I have read near enough all the henna posts but would like to hear off those of you who henna gloss all your experiences, before and after pictures would be nice too! h3.Customers_name_thirteen{ I know it’s a small patch of hair but I think you can see the contrast. display: table; padding-left: 10px; font-weight: 700; font-size: 14px; display: table; margin-top: 0%; margin-left: auto !important; font-size: 20px; in the years I was using chemicals). font-family: ProximaNovaRegular,sans-serif; font-size: 1.95em; I covered the henna with plastic and wool; I left the indigo uncovered. } padding: 4.5%; margin-left: auto !important; See more ideas about henna eyebrows, eyebrows, henna. William's hair was thinning and balding rapidly before coming across Morrocco Method. I was frustrated that at a certain length, I kept getting split ends which always require me to cut my hair and I never seemed to be able to get past that length to reach my desired goal...Read More, I have been using Morrocco Method for several years now and I wanted to share my results after using the products and the lunar hair cutting charts. padding-left: 45px;
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