Please contact EGO Customer Service Toll-Free at 1-855-EGO-5656 any time you have questions or warranty claims. This feature lets you quickly set up alerts based on keywords you specify. But the Ego isn’t just for clear-cutting fields and destroying the invasive Japanese knotweed (although it’s certainly wonderful for that). 1,197 Home Depot Reviews: Product Name: 145 MPH 600 CFM 56V Lithium-Ion Cordless Electric Backpack Blower (Tool Only) Product Description: The EGO POWER+ 600 CFM Backpack Blower is the next, big step up in power and convenience. This trimmer’s engine is as easy as any modern two-stroke engine to start, and Harry found he’d rather pay a slight premium for a can of premixed Trufuel 50:1 Mix Engineered Fuel+Oil instead of fussing with his own mixing ratios. There were 7 or … It’s also very comfortable to use, even for extended trimming sessions. EGO POWER+ flexes its innovation muscle again this year at GIE+EXPO! Customer service was non existent with COVID. Lowe’s wants you to have the best-looking lawn on the block. I was planning to get HD to PM "" for the EGO trimmer (model # ST1521S… To test each trimmer’s upper range, we pitted each one against a large stand of Japanese knotweed. by Harry Sawyers, Thom Dunn, and Doug Mahoney. On thick Japanese knotweed, the Ego blazed right through 1-inch-thick stalks like they weren’t even there. This basic 5-gallon bucket is, as you might expect, indestructible, stackable, affordable, and easy to find. This Ego can accept smaller lines, which, as a company rep told us, “will actually increase the run time, but it will go through more lines, because the thinner the line, the more breakage.” All of the more-powerful units we tested were dual-line cutters. (But, he says, if he were shopping in the spring of 2020, he’d probably get a cordless tool instead.). This Ego has the easiest line load system we’ve ever used, a process described in detail in the Ego ST1520S manual (PDF).When all of the string is used up, just load about 16 feet of line through the trimmer head so that there are 8 feet sticking out of each side, and pop its cover on. Since Lowe’s is now indicating it will carry and sell EGO outdoor power equipment products, the Home Depot announcement has a bit more context. I also have extensive string trimmer experience. Home Depot is a joke especially with giving the military discount! In our own tests, the Echo handled waist-high weeds and 3-foot-tall grass with no problems, and it has a tremendous amount of positive feedback on Home Depot’s website, one place where it’s sold. Shop our wide selection of EGO Trimmers & Edgers products at great prices on In addition to the regular trigger, it has an annoying activation button that you need to press each time you start the tool (but if you shut the tool off for only a few moments, you don’t have to re-press the button). Turbine fan engineering moves air at a staggering 600 CFM, performing better than many gas-powered models. Picked up the ST1521S trimmer for $188 and a CH5500 rapid charger for $50. The best straight-shaft gas trimmers are currently mostly in the $175 to $250 range, which is about where the solid 40-volt-plus cordless trimmers land. To boot, I sold off all of my old ego products for damn close to what it cost me to upgrade with a fresh warranty all around and new batteries/chargers! In general, we were impressed with how all of the attachments performed when attached to the cordless tool. The best of these tools (also known as weed wackers or weed eaters1) is the Ego ST1521S Power+ String Trimmer. Find helpful customer reviews and ratings. We’re currently testing the Ego MST1501 Power+ Multi-Head System with String Trimmer. They were taking the brunt of the complaints. EGO unveils new auto-tensioning chainsaw. Oct 24th, 2020 6:18 pm It’s roughly the same price as the Ego ST1521S, but on the low side for high-end trimmers from the pro brands. Ryobi’s straight-up 40-volt string trimmer, the RY40240, comes with a smaller, 1.5 Ah battery and has an auto line-advance system that extends ¼ inch of line each time the trigger is released. As with anything, the Ego ST1521S is not perfect, but none of the drawbacks come close to offsetting all of the good that the tool provides. Home Depot drops Ego power equipment brand, which lands deal with Lowe's. The active cooling fan system and advanced communication with the battery supports rapid charging without overheating. That means, in part, discontinuing the Ego line of outdoor power tools, owned by Chervon Group, and have been sold at Home Depot since 2014. Please contact EGO Customer Service Toll-Free at 1-855-EGO-5656 any time you have questions or warranty claims. Even with all of the benefits of cordless, in some rare situations a gas model will be the best fit, namely for clearing large amounts of grass, either on a hillside that’s too steep for a mower or on a massive property that lacks an easy place to recharge near where you’re working. A small blade on the underside of the debris shield then cuts the end of the string to the proper length. The Ryobi uses a hand-crank reel mechanism, like our runner-up Ego, which makes line loading easier than with the older models, but it’s not as good as our main pick’s push-button system. Though it can’t cut very thick and tall weeds with the ease of the Egos, it still has the strength to slice through dense grass and the run time to handle a large property. The Echo 58-Volt Cordless String Trimmer typically costs about $50 more than our Ego pick, and it comes with the smaller debris guard. (1 months ago) home depot ego mower discount - Free Coupon Codes. Take Great Pride in a Trim and Tidy Lawn. We’ve been covering lawn equipment since 2013 and can state that a rating this high, with this many reviews, on a gas-powered piece of outdoor equipment is extremely rare and likely indicates a unique level of quality. EGO Power+ ST1521S 15-Inch String Trimmer with POWERLOAD and Carbon Fiber Split Shaft 2.5Ah Battery and Charger Included 4.7 out of 5 stars 76. Sale Priced (10) Made in U.S.A. It has a manual-crank line load system that is easy to use (although not as easy as with our main pick). Welcome back power tool fans, it is Friday, July 24th 2020 and today we’re going to do the power tool news, and share some tool videos you won’t want to miss! It’s hard to overstate what an upgrade this is to what is often the single worst aspect of working with a string trimmer. The spool can hold about 16 feet of string, so you’ll have a constant supply, which is essential for longer or more aggressive trimming sessions. The weaker trimmers strained their way through tougher conditions, either getting bound up in the grass or pushing it over instead of cutting it. The Home Depot 49022-25PK Heavy Duty Brown Paper Lawn and Refuse Bags for Home and Garden, 30 gal (Pack of 50) 4.8 out of 5 stars 9 $33.00 $ 33 . Not complaining! The front handle’s durability is one drawback. Because it’s entirely possible for the battery to empty out during use, we wanted a tool with the shortest possible charge time, minimizing downtime. [Home Depot] Ego Power Markdowns at Home Depot, Display posts from previous: All postsLast dayLast 7 daysLast 2 weeksLast monthLast 3 months6 MonthsLast year, Sort by AuthorPost time 2007 - Ipod Video (TD), Ipod Shuffle (GM). For this guide, we focused on rechargeable cordless trimmers with enough power to cut everything from simple lawn grass to thick overgrown weeds. If you do go the attachment route and want the ability to jump quickly from task to task, you may want to consider purchasing a second battery for about $100. If you know the part number you need, enter it in the search bar. Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) in-stock at 11EST on Dec. 3, [] One of the notable features that our team got super stoked about is the carbon fiber shaft. The brush cutter worked as advertised too. ATLANTA — Home Depot says it will “reset” its outdoor power equipment offering, discontinuing the Ego line of cordless power tools. The Ego trimmer is unique in that it has an automatic feed, or so I thought. At 8½ pounds, this Worx is a light trimmer, but we think that most people would benefit from having the additional power and run time of the Egos or the attachment capability of the Ryobi. It also has the easiest line load system we’ve tested. It's 10% not 90%! A successful model should have a lot of precision up at the trimmer head, making it easy to cut the grass, but not the flowers. I am 5'7" and I tried this thing with the handle above the hinge and below the hinge. Well, this f$^&#*@# machine does not feature auto feed. The EGO 56-Volt lithium-ion Rapid Charger monitors and controls each cell in the battery pack to control temperature for maximum battery life. This new model comes with two batteries, which is nice, but it adds to the cost. A string trimmer—also known as a weed wacker, a strimmer, a weed whip, or a weed eater—is the perfect complement to a lawn mower, adding a nice, crisp finish to your lawn. The ST1521S has the power to slice through dense grass, gnarly weeds, and even 1-inch-thick Japanese knotweed without slowing down. It … This took place at our ProToolReviews home office. Find all locations that sell the EGO POWER+ tool lineup. Only by the grace of a string trimmer—slicing down the tall grass around the mailbox, front steps, fences, and flower beds—does a property look truly polished. As EGO moves from Home Depot to Lowes, they also move to a slightly better position. LB5300 ST1521S LM2101 + Free 5Ah Battery (w/ fuel gauge!) EGO 21 in. Here are Top 10 Ego St1521S String Trimmer we've found so far. Testing An EGO ST1521S Power Feed Trimmer (56Volt Battery Powered) - Duration: 10:46. For this job, the gas engine appealed to him at the time, and it’s still working perfectly after four years of intermittent heavy use and minimal maintenance. He spent 10 years in high-end construction as a carpenter, foreman, and supervisor. Lysol Handi-pack Disinfecting Wipes, Citrus, 80 Count (Pack of 4) - $19.99, [Walmart] Weed Eater and WeedWacker are both brand names of string trimmers. For me, this is the deal of the year! We recommend the Echo SRM-225 Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer for that kind of work. This item EGO Power+ ST1521S 15-Inch String Trimmer with POWERLOAD and Carbon Fiber Split Shaft 2.5Ah Battery and Charger Included beyond by BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX String Trimmer / … Here are the pest repellents and traps that experts agree can effectively keep bugs away. Our picks are functional, long-lasting mainstays of the garden.
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