Some cultures even make nettle soup or include it in cheese-making to add some healthy boost to their meals. […] Nettle Recipe For a delicious and highly nutritious wild nettle soup recipe click here: Trinity’s ‘Very Nettle Wild Soup’. Sauté the spring onions in a large saucepan in the olive oil until just softened before adding the garlic and stirring for another minute, Add the new potatoes, chicken stock and bring to a boil. Given my passion for recipes my cookbook also has a few other really delicious nettle recipes such as ‘Hempy Nettled Potatoes’, ‘Nettle & Mushroom Stir-fry’, ‘Trin’s Soul Food Special’ (nettles in a sweet potato, coconut & shiitake mushroom soup)  and ‘Sun-dried Tomato & Nettle Pate’. […], […] I enjoy lots of walks in the countryside gathering nettles in the spring. Stinging nettles have high amounts of iron and calcium, as well as containing potassium and silica. We add seasonal new potatoes which are a great source of potassium, fibre and Vitamin C.  The olive oil or butter to sauté in is important – it helps to liberate the beneficial carotenoids (Vitamin A precursor) in the leaves. I know for many of you, the thought of getting anywhere near Nettles … No other vegetable in our experience provides the texture that nettle does. I think they were clean because there wasn’t much stem if any at all and there weren’t any pricklies…I was hesitant to touch them and even afraid to taste the soup but of course, as all your recipies are, it is amazing!!! 3. Fresh nettle leaves are easy to use at home, and are: Packed with nutrients: they’re a great source of vitamin C, B vitamins, Vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, phytonutrients and order propecia online without a prescription a tiny amount of Omega 3 fats. Serve the soup drizzled with extra oil and scattered with dead nettle … Once you have done this (still with gloves on) use a large sharp knife to roughly chop them up. Nettle is especially high in Vitamins A, C, K, and several of the B vitamins. The fact that they provide a dose of serotonin and acetylcholine (neurotransmitters that help us find a sense of calm and fulfillment) really does it for me. Many of the healthy benefits of the nettle leaf are due to its high nutrient content. However, be sure to combine this natural oil with carrier oils, as it can be extremely potent. So now I harvest the young leaves and then leave the plants to flower for the bees and butterflies over summer. Pesto (replace or mix basil with blanched nettle leaves). I’ll be going to Bunnings in the morning to buy some Nettle Seeds to grow. Shake off any excess water and pick the leaves off the stems. A cup of it daily can already relieve uneasiness felt all throughout and it is good to combat chronic and grave diseases. Possibly Effective For 1) Arthritis and Pain. The roots and leaves of the plant are used medicinally, although the purposes for each can vary. To benefit from its array of health benefits, the easiest way for it to consume is through tea drinking. Mother Earth is an amazing friend. Stinging nettles are low in calories and fat and cholesterol free. After about 15 minutes of cooking the contents of the pan, add in the nettles. There seems to be an endless list of benefits, making this a must-have addition to our diet. The common and ubiquitous stinging Nettle is one of the most easily recognisable plants – and if you are unsure, just brush your fingertips over the familiar warrior herb and you will know for sure! You can also make plenty and freeze it to enjoy whenever you want. Much of this research is based on nettle extracts (varying proportions of root, stalk and leaves) but a big advantage of using the fresh leaves in season is. Nettle may help flush harmful bacteria from the urinary tract. Use rubber gloves and place them in a large colander to rinse if necessary. This can benefit people who have urinary conditions, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia … The seed produces an irritant that may bother some folk. We hope you enjoy this blog post, let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on social media – we’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. The health benefits of nettles are worth the trouble of picking them! Nettle leaf provides bone-fortifying calcium, magnesium, and iron (2). Preparing nettles is a simple art once you know how. Very hearty but I think I underestimated the amount of nettles as mine’s not as green. Other benefits includes supporting bone health, acting as a detoxifier, preventing inflammation and treating menstrual cramps. Nettles have possible antispasmodic, diuretic and expectorant effects; they also have anti-inflammatory qualities, which Blue Shield Complementary and Alternative Health attributes to their ability to inhibit the release of pro-inflammatory prostaglandins. Nettle soup has a growing fan base across the country and for good reason. Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) has been a staple in herbal medicine since ancient times, such as to treat arthritis and back pain. A few timely additions to your menu this month will afford you a harvest of new health benefits. It is available in capsules, tinctures, and even as a tea. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Nettles are so worth it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. x, I have just discovered your website through ‘Wake up World’. Nettles are jam packed with high vibrational goodness and have been well documented throughout the aeons for a myriad of health benefits. You can find out more about my book here: Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen. It would certainly work better with fresh nettles for this particular dish. Can’t wait to start cooking Regards, Angela, Just made this….first time ever buying and cooking nettles. *Note: If you’re pregnant, have liver, kidney problems or are on any sort of medication including (diuretics, blood pressure or anti-diabetic medication), check with your doctor before raising your intake of nettles. It also happens to be high in calcium and magnesium and a great plant based source of iron. Season to taste, then stir in the butter and cream. Urinary tract infections 8. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and Urinary Issues . Please feel free to share, but be sure to link back to my website. Potential health benefits of the wild nettles Stinging nettles contain a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, polyphenols and pigments – many of which act as antioxidants inside your … 5 Health Benefits of Nettle leaves. Stinging nettle supplements have not been approved by the FDA for medical use and generally lack solid clinical research. Trinity, Hi Trinity, Thank you so much for your super quick reply.I live on the outskirts of Melbourne( Werribee ) Will have to see if another suburb closer to city or the city markets may have Nettle. Nettle root is used primarily for urinary conditions linked to an enlarged prostate, BPH (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia) and male pattern hair loss. Historically, one of the easy ways of consuming nettles is either through a soup or a tea because the boiling water deactivates the nettle from stinging. Vitamin C enhances iron uptake in the gut, while iron is a crucial component of hemoglobin. I must admit that I get really excited about adding wild nettles into my springtime cuisine. Stinging nettles are found all over the world wherever there are temperate climates. Vegan Adaptable! […]. They have properties which cleanse your body, blood, flushes out toxins and facilitate maintaining a clearer skin," noted Shilpa Arora ND, a renowned health practitioner, nutritionist and certified macrobiotic health coach. Regulations set manufacturing standards for them but don’t guarantee that they’re safe or effective. Among the conditions stinging nettles are purported to treat are: 1. After realising that they actually have great nutritional benefits and also attract beneficial insects to the garden, I decided to let them run wild in a small patch of ground in the corner of my vegetable patch. Stinging nettles pop up in my garden every spring, and for years I tried and failed to eradicate every trace of them. BPH symptoms are caused by an enlarged prostate gland pressing on the urethra. "Nettle leaves are potent. Butter beans – excellent idea. Drying or soaking in water, sauce or oil will instantly remove the sting, making them edible both raw and cooked. When I eat them, my body just says ‘yes!’. Stinging Nettle Benefits Stinging nettles are a highly nutritious, making them a super healthy vegetable option. It's free. Alternative practitioners believe that stinging nettles can reduce pain and inflammation associated with both infectious and non-infection conditions. Speak with your doctor before supplementing. Nettle leaf and nettle root have different health benefits though – and there’s much confusion about the two. Copyright 2020 Anastasia Eden | All Rights Reserved, Plant-Based Calendar 2021 by Anastasia Eden (limited edition), Essential Guide to Foraging in a Temperate Zone, All about Dandelions and their Health Benefits, Gluten-free Vegan Date Slices – fancy but easy, Baked Onion Bhaji Slices – gluten-free vegan recipe, ‘Very Nettle’ Wild Vegan Soup : Conscious Life News, Foraging Guide with 12 wild plants that anyone can find | Trinity's Conscious Kitchen, Foraging Guide - with 12 Nutritious Wild Plants That Anyone Can Find | Wake Up World. Health Benefits of Stinging Nettle. This property of the plant when combined with another property (hormone-regulation), it aids in monitoring your bone health as well. The main health benefits of consuming nettles are its diuretic effects, which ensures that neutralized toxins are quickly eliminated through urine, but also its nephritic ones, easing the symptoms of gallbladder and kidney stones … The youngest, freshest leaves, without the stalks, are optimal. Stinging nettle is a popular home remedy for arthritis, seasonal allergies, and many other conditions. Once it is boiling turn down to a simmer and prepare the nettles. Much lvoe. Gout 5. And don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter to receive a monthly update of our recipes, nutrition tips and expert advice. Because of these properties, it is especially convenient for those who suffer from uric acid, arthritis or edema. Just a question re:Very Nettle Soup recipe – can dried nettle be used – can’t find fresh ?? Muscle and joint pain 2. I’ve actually never used dried nettles in this type of recipe or cooking – only ever used them for nettle tea. Arthritis 4. The best time to pick nettles is before they start developing seeds. Nettle leaves can be enjoyed dried (in tea), as a tincture or fresh: Our nettle soup recipe is easy to make in bulk and freeze so you can benefit from the leaves even when they’re out of season. Nettles are really good for you. Tendonitis Although researc… This healthy nettle soup recipe is easy to make in bulk and freeze – the addition of new potatoes including the skins adds fibre, more Vitamin C and potassium. Thanks Trinity. Be really careful at this stage to avoid cutting through your rubber gloves (I’ve seen this happen so many times, so stay aware). Plus, fresh nettles have a ton of detoxifying attributes so you can feel great about the flavor and the health benefits of this soup! The sweet potato falafels are one of my absolute favourites – you’ll love them. Many people are unaware of the numerous health benefits of nettles – and homemade nettle soup is an easy (ok somewhat unusual) way to incorporate them into the diet. Hay fever 7. 2. Some of the claims are better supported by research than others. Stir in if needed and allow to cook for a few more minutes. Blend the soup and then serve along with some delicious spelt bread or home made oatcakes. Enlarged prostate 9. General Uses of nettle seeds Nettle has been used for hundreds of years to treat the muscles and joints pain, gout, arthritis, and anemia. Simmer for another minute - until the leaves have wilted. Yet nettles have a long history of medicinal use throughout the world, and although ‘evidence’ is a little patchy – they’re the continuing subject of over 400 research papers on a range of health conditions. Stinging Nettle health benefits includes fighting inflammation, alleviating allergic reaction, aids UTI infections, promotes radiant look, act as face cleanser, fight skin diseases, increase circulation and reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Fresh nettle leaves are easy to use at home, and are: Nettle Roots aren’t really user-friendly at home (you’ll need supplements or tinctures) – and have a more specific use: The perfect time to cook with nettles is now – when they’re young and the leaves are tender – before the nettles flower. The plant contains vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K along with calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, protein, beta-carotene, and chlorophyll (3). If we respect her and take the time to connect, she unveils a carpet of super foods without the need for us to rush off and fill our shopping baskets or spend a small fortune on supplements in supermarkets or health food stores. If you love coconut and have coconut cream available you might like to add some at this stage for a creamier effect (although this is optional). Stinging nettle tea is often suggested for women who are undergoing excessively painful labor, and it helps to protect against exce… Stinging nettle consists of higher amount of vitamin C and iron content which makes it ideal for stimulating red blood cell production. I love to keep stinging nettle leaves on hand since it has so many health benefits to the body: Nutrient-Packed. Health Benefits of Stinging Nettle. They are said to help urinary tract infections, act as a diuretic, help break down kidney stones, destroy internal parasites, to relieve gas/colitis/coeliac disease, alleviate asthma, hay fever, hives, dermatitis, arthritis and even help prevent hair loss. 29 Nettle Tea Benefits. Stinging nettles or dead nettles are good for this recipe. Nettles are one of our most nutritious yet overlooked plants – but we tend to think of them just as an invasive weed rather than a food. Spring is normally the best time to gather them, although if you cut them right back after the first seeding, you will get new growth later in the season too. Plus it’s super cheap as you don’t have to buy the main ingredient. Nettle leaves contain a mineral called boron, which is beneficial in increasing the strength of your bones. Related articles that you might find of interest: Essential Guide to Foraging in a Temperate Zone (with 12 wild plants anyone can find) All about Dandelions and their Health Benefits. More Seasonal Foods With Health Benefits. There seems to be an endless list of benefits, making this a must-have addition to our diet. Look: Health Benefits of 60+ Foods. After a couple of minutes add the water, along with the potatoes, celery, salt and pepper and bring pan back to the boil. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Regards, Angela, Hi Angela, Thanks for tuning in. Add the nettle leaves, simmer for 1 min to wilt, then blend the soup. Some of the most important health benefits of stinging nettle include its ability to detoxify the body, improve metabolic efficiency, boost immune health, increase circulation, improve energy levels, manage menstruation, minimize menopausal symptoms, heal skin conditions, protect kidney and gallbladder health, lower inflammation, increase muscle mass, regulate hormonal activity, prevent diabetes, lower blood pressure, soothe hemorrhoids… The Health Benefits of Nettle. 1. Learn about the benefits, side effects, and research around stinging nettle here. Chop onion and saute for a couple of minutes using the olive oil in a medium sized pan. Your recipes are amazing and I am going to start with the Sweet Potato and Turmeric Falafels. 3. As the buzz and heat of the sting kisses your fingers, a chemical cocktail begins to course through your blood. xo, Well done. Once nettles are cooked or crushed the sting disappears. So, nettle soup! Anemia 6. Unless you are feeling brave, I recommend gathering stinging nettles with rubber gloves. This healthy, dark green nettle soup is a fabulous snack or hearty lunchtime warmer. Today most of the physicians use it to treat the urinary problems during the early stages of the enlarged prostate. Nettle is a purifying plant, it provides high doses of potassium that help remove excess fluid from the body. Boron helps maintain the calcium content in your bones, thereby limiting the onset of osteoporosis. Chop potato and celery roughly in to small chunks. Nettle Tea health benefits includes treating muscle pain, promoting cardiovascular health, maintaining kidney health, improving digestion, boosting immune system, enhancing the skin and treating respiratory. Delighted to hear that Jude. Simmer for 15 minutes or until the potatoes are tender, and stir in the nettle leaves. Nettle leaf is delicately flavored and cooks to a smooth silky texture. You’ll love the Minted Nettle & Pea Soup that I posted earlier this week too. For a delicious and highly nutritious wild nettle soup recipe idea, why not try out my ‘Very Nettle’ Wild Soup? You’ll need gloves to gather them so that you don’t get stung, but the method is quick and simple – just snip the 3-4 top leaves off a young nettle plant and pop them in a carrier bag (for this recipe you’ll need about ½ a carrier bag of nettle tops). You can toss nettles in to lots of different dishes, although if you want a super infusion of this nutritious gem then you might enjoy my thick, green, ‘Very Nettle’ soup. Stinging nettles are known to have a high nutritional value, including calcium, magnesium, iron, and vitamins A and B. The health benefits of wild nettle are vast and varying. Although it is generally regarded as safe, using any herb may cause an allergic reaction in some people. Eczema 3. Vibrant, luscious Nettle Soup with Tarragon - a simple easy recipe, full of incredible health benefits and lovely flavor. I finally foraged and made some of this – it has turned out very tasty and I added butter beans for a bit of protein. The mechanism is believed to be an interaction with the nettle root, a protein called SHBG and the aromatase enzyme – resulting in modulation of testosterone levels. Learn how your comment data is processed. Nettle soup is a nutritious and healthy recipe because of its high mineral content. Nettle leaf and nettle root have different health benefits though – and there’s much confusion about the two. Doctor insights on: Nettle Soup Benefits Share Share Follow @HealthTap Embed Dr. Heidi Fowler Dr. Fowler 1 1 What are the health benefits of taking nettles … *, CLINICAL NUTRITION AND FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE: GIVING YOU ALL THE TOOLS TO BRING YOU TO OPTIMUM HEALTH |. Here are 6 evidence-based benefits of stinging nettle. It should certainly be a local super food, that we all look to consuming more of. Sign up to receive our newsletter and be the first to see new recipes and excellent healthy tips. Foraged Nettle Soup [Vegan, Gluten-Free] Advertisement A Scandinavian specialty to be enjoyed in late spring and early summer when nettles are aplenty. You certainly can play with the amount of nettles – less works fine too as you found out. As if all that isn’t enough, nettles are also high in chlorophyll, iron, potassium, silica, sulphur and vitamins C, A & B, offering a rich infusion of nutrients. with love x. The leaves are most commonly brewed as tea, which captures many of the essential health benefits, but the plant can also be applied topically in the form of an oil extract. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. the beneficial phenolic compounds (antioxidants) are much higher in fresh leaves. The prickly little needles are completely gone. Nettle tea is excellent for people who face water retention issues. The most proven health benefits of using stinging nettle help with the following: 1. They are said to help urinary tract infections, act as a diuretic, help break down kidney stones, destroy internal parasites, to relieve gas/colitis/coeliac disease, alleviate asthma, hay fever, hives, dermatitis, arthritis and even help prevent hair loss.
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