Step 4:  Add the honey (or desired sweetener) and lime juice to the pot and continue to steep and stir for 1 minute. You can use 2 tsp dried nettle per cup if you don’t have fresh leaves. Stinging nettles are tricky to handle, but a brief exposure to heat tames these prickly vines into super flavorful greens—sort of like if spinach had an older brother who came home from college. The stems and leaves are covered with small hairs, many of which are non-stinging. If you've ever been "stung" by a nettle during an outdoor excursion, the plants are probably near the bottom of the list of ingredients you'd like to add to your diet. Consuming nettle tea reduces or eliminates these allergy symptoms. To prepare a cleansing nettle tea combine dry herbs. Order your Zapper Wellness System, AutoZap 5 or Super is waiting for YOU. Nettle extracts have been touted for bodybuilders because they appear to impact the level of testosterone in the body. Cover with a lid and let steep for a few minutes. Your email address will not be published. Stinging nettle grows wild and is full of nutrition and health benefits. This leaf tea is safely stored in multi-layered gas barrier bag and helps to maintain all of the key nutrients and health benefits. How to Eat Stinging Nettles. Now your tea is complete, enjoy! I have included several specific benefits below, but it is important to remember that each individual is unique. Nettle tea is used to improve heart action, for headaches and for any internal bleeding. These stinging needles hold a mixture of chemicals including histamine and serotonin. Start drinking Nettle Tea and improve your health today! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Nettle infusions are inexpensive, easy to make at home, and absolutely packed with vitamins and minerals. Step 6: Place the pitcher or other container in the fridge and allow it to cool for 1-2 hours. Bring a large pot of water to a boil with 2 teaspoons of salt. is an herbal tea community that truly values transparency and disclosures. So, here is my recipe. Add 1 tablespoon of this mixture to ¼ liter (32 ounces) of boiling water and let steep for 15 minutes. Truthfully, I was expecting a bitter, farm-like taste that you only endure because you need the great health benefits. The tea can also be poured into bath water to ease the inflammation and stiffness of sore joints, muscles, and bones. A recent study completed by the National College of Naturopathic Medicine found that 58% of participants given frozen nettle leaf had a significant reduction in symptoms. Do you have any information or experiences dealing with nettle tea? Nettle leaf tea is derived from the leaves of the common nettle plant, also known as the stinging nettle. Step 3:   Add the 1 Cup of Nettle Leaves to the water pot, and allow to steep for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Their deep, earthy flavor always reminds me of rich soil, damp from winter and ready to burst forth with new plants now that spring is here. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Nettle tea is known as an extremely healthy herbal tea that can be used to promote overall health and wellness. Check your spam folder if you don't hear back from us. There aren’t very many side effects present for nettle tea. Stinging nettle tea is most often used to treat urinary tract or bladder infections, but the medicinal benefits of the plant go much further. One they are dehydrated, they lose their sting. I like to let mine steep for ~5 minutes, so it will have a stronger flavor. You can read more about the current benefits and uses of Nettle Tea in the next section. It looks weak, but the flavor is there! This post is dedicated to Nettle Tea. Their prostate gland presses up against the urethra, which can cause several urinary issues. Get Started Immediately. Recent studies suggest that it is helpful for men’s health. It is a diuretic, which means that it can help aid the body’s removal of toxins. Experts believe that the decrease in blood pressure is linked to the diuretic effects. The plant uses this as a defense mechanism. Once boiling, turn off the heat and add in your Nettle leaf, taking care to stir it in. Since the nettle plant injects histamines into human skin, anti-itch creams are an excellent way to treat nettle stings. 1 Cup of Nettle Leaves (check out my list of the, 1/2 Lemon, Juiced (you will only need the juice), 2 Tablespoons of Honey (or desired sweetener). Lemon juice or any other acid will turn the nettle tea pink. The nettle plant has been used for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes and as a source of food. They function as needles and break off from the plant when they come into contact with human or animal skin. My 93-year old step-mother. This has led to many bodybuilders consuming nettle tea after their workouts. These compounds are designed to inflict an unpleasant stinging sensation. The strainer will remove the debris and soppy leaves from your tea. STEP 2 Put the pan on the hob and bring to the boil, then simmer for 15 minutes. And as I say oftentimes, just experiment a few times with it. The plant survives the winter by dying down to the ground. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Wear gloves to avoid being stung! Taste the tea and add any more sugar if needed. In this article, we’ll discuss how to harvest and use it to make a tincture. It's EASY and it's FREE. Consuming herbal tea is not recommended for pregnant women and babies. Some tea drinkers prefer to add milk, honey, or sugar to help make the flavor more palatable. I have included one of my favorite brands below: Check out my post containing more Nettle Tea Recipes. Yesterday, after writing about all those great health benefits of Stinging Nettle Tea, I went ahead and made some. I suggest buying loose leaf nettle tea online. Please note: This post contains affiliate links. Get the recipe here. Required fields are marked *. It has always been regarded for its nutritional value, and it is extremely healthy. As a result, not everyone will experience the same beneficial effects in the same way. More studies need to be completed on humans to completely verify this effect. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Use bulk herb, not tea bags, not capsules. Your privacy is guaranteed. There are hundreds of larger hairs that are stinging. Many use this tonic for relief from adrenal fatigue symptoms, anemia, allergies, liver health, hormone balance, and so much more! Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. She loves anything exciting and healthy. Combine all dry ingredients in a mason jar. It tastes okay, but I prefer adding a little bit of giant hyssop or mint with the nettle for a more sip and relax kind of tea. Consumption of nettle boosted the health and number of sperm. BPH affects men due to their enlarged prostates. The nettle plant, also known as the stinging nettle or nettle leaf plant, is a flowering plant that is the member of the Urticaceae family. I would also verify that animals have not recently defecated or urinated in the area, unless you want those unpleasant flavors added to your tea. This will likely be more dramatic if the stems are boiled as well, … I hope that this post has helped you discover some of the main facts about the wonderful Nettle Tea. The nettle plant thrives in northern Europe and is usually found in the open countryside. They may interact with prescription medications. The nettle plant is a perennial plant that usually grows to a height of 3 – 7 feet tall. Carefully pour the boiling water into a medium/large pot. *plus exclusive downloads containing Hulda Clark's cleanses for the whole body and more. Nettle tea has been shown to boost metabolism in order to help the body function more efficiently. Your email address will not be published. This recipe is perfect for either winter or summer, because it can be served hot or cold. Guess whose going to be getting some nettle tea next time they come over? 4. The stinging nettle name is due to the the plant’s small hairs that inject histamine and other natural compounds that produce a stinging sensation. As stated above, the nettle plant can be found all over the United States and Canada, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Tea Made from Fresh Nettles Simply add a handful of fresh nettle leaves and stems to boiling water and steep for 3 -5 minutes. The resourceful Germans used the nettle fabric instead of cotton during the shortages that occurred during WWI. If you don’t want to use all of the nettle leaves at once, you can dehydrate them or allow them to dry, and store them for later. Measure 1 teaspoon of the dried tea mixture for each 8-ounce cup. The leaves have a jagged appearance. It is always a good idea to speak with your healthcare provider before consuming any forms of herbal tea. • 1 large to extra large dandelion root. Pour boiling water over the nettle leaves and let it steep for 15 minutes. I find the tea has a pleasant taste by itself, but you can definitely tell that it tastes healthy! Your email address will not be published. Stinging nettle root has been used medicinally for centuries. Many people compare the taste of nettle tea to green tea, as it can be fairly mild and refreshing. The high chlorophyll content of the leaves make it an ideal green dye. The nettle was historically used to “stimulate slow winter blood.”. It was very pleasant tasting and didn’t even require honey to doctor it up. Pour about a cup of hot (not boiling) water into each of the jars and swirl the … The way I love to prepare (and of course eat:-) stinging nettle is nettle puree. An affiliate link means that we may earn advertising/referral fees if you make a purchase through our links. There is a reason it is called “stinging nettle,” and you don’t want to suffer. The nettle plant has been used for hundreds of years in medicine and food. I tell her that she is my inspiration and my hero! It is a powerful blood purifier that drives out toxins and metabolic wastes by stimulating the kidneys to excrete more water. The nettle enjoys moist soil and areas with high annual rainfall. the only way to know how it will affect you is to try a nice cup of Nettle Tea! You can read more about the detailed history on this outside website. The tea also helps eliminate stored waste in muscle tissue. The nettle plant has been used for hundreds of years in medicine and food. The Native Americans commonly used fibers derived from the nettle plant to make clothing and several tools including ropes and fishing nets. There is a reason why this tea is becoming increasingly popular. It has been studied and is useful in treating many different ailments including anemia, eczema, and arthritis. Put 2/3 cup nettle leaves into one quart-sized mason jar and 4 Wild Berry Zinger tea bags into another quart-sized mason jar. This occurs when humans or other animals come into contact with the nettle’s stems or leaves. Nettle is said to be extremely beneficial for the kidneys, being useful in expelling gravel from the bladder and dissolving kidney stones. For detoxifying and stimulating metabolism consume 2-3 cups of this cleansing nettle tea daily throughout the day over six weeks. Modern research suggests that stinging nettle is a versatile herb because of its numerous health benefits and the plant has been a staple in the herbal medicinal field for over a hundred years. The tea can be fairly dark green, and it has an earthy taste. Chop a cup or two of nettle leaves and place in a teapot. If you haven’t yet, you may find it helpful to read week one’s post, Tinctures 101. Hay fever is a general allergic reaction that occurs when your body’s immune system overreacts to allergens in the air. Don’t drink nettle tea if you are pregnant or are expecting to become pregnant. They have a similar flavour to greens, and are wonderful in soups, in risottos or as a side. Some recent studies have shown that consuming nettle leaves can lower blood pressure. Drink up to 4 cups daily. Your FREE download and free how-to emails will come directly by email. Severe allergic reactions can result in hives. Proceed to the appropriate steps below: Step 4:  Use a strainer and pour the mixture into your desired tea cups. Many people suggest the use of multiple treatments due to the injection of several chemicals during the stinging. They also lose their sting when they are boiled. We want to be very clear about one thing. Step 2:  Pour 3 Cups of water into your teapot and bring to a boil. Burial materials containing nettle plant compounds have been unearthed that date back to ~ 2500 BC. Please share your knowledge in the Comments section below. This is where the preparation steps differ depending on whether you are serving hot or iced tea. You may unsubscribe anytime, and your privacy is guaranteed. And extremely healthy. One could even try adding a slice of ginger root or even a few mint leaves. Local Milk. Use a natural tea bag or ball or strain before drinking. The common nettle or Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica and the closely related Urtica urens) has been used as a medicinal plant for centuries. Learn the ways this herb can help promote health and prevent disease, and how to make your own nettle tea. The tea is now ready to serve with ice (optional). Since nettle tea is a diuretic and helps rid the body of waste, it can also help aid in weight loss. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Learn how your comment data is processed. This nettle has already flowered. Depleted adrenals often over-react, giving rise to sudden sensations of anxiety, fear, and nervousness. *Dr. Hulda Clark's parasite control protocol, *8 practical tips for remaining parasite free. This occurs when humans or other animals come into contact with the nettle’s stems or leaves. Nettle Tea is an extremely healthy herbal tea that is made with the leaves of the nettle plant. Drop in the stinging nettles, and cook 1 to 2 minutes until they soften. The green leaves are pronounced and are up to 6 inches long. Step 5:  Allow the pot to cool for 10 minutes, and use a strainer to pour the mixture into a pitcher or other container. There are several reports that nettle can boost and replace testosterone that has been reduced due to high intensity workouts. It is a great natural alternative for people that are sensitive to OTC antihistamines. It has been used for this purpose for centuries. This post is dedicated to Nettle Tea. Put the nettles in a large saucepan with 4 cups of water and add the sugar or honey. Now, rinse them under the sink with cool water to remove dirt and debris. This product is fully organic. Stinging Nettle and Ricotta Ravioli. Nettle tea can interact with certain prescription medications. Stinging nettle tea benefits for health involve brewing, not eating, the plant’s tender leaves.Stinging nettle can be found Stinging nettle is named quite accurately. The medicinal uses for the nettle plant are not very different from the ancient past. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Oh, it is so delicious. Your email address will not be published. Tea made with Dried Nettle: In a pot, boil some water. It is a very safe herbal tea. If you plan on using nettle plants from the wild, make sure that they haven’t been treated with any chemicals or pesticides. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. It is also found in the United States and Canada, and it grows abundantly in the Pacific Northwest. You could prepare a stinging nettle tea, soup, sauteed nettles, or a nettle dish with feta cheese and eggs. Drain in a colander, and … Turn it pink with lemon juice. Positive Effects of Stinging Nettle Tea: May reduce inflammation, which can occur as a result of many different health problems and is extremely damaging to the body. Hippocrates used the nettle for 61 remedies including use as a laxative, wound healing, nose bleeding, and mouth sores. In addition to being herbal tea enthusiasts, we do participate in the Amazon Affiliate program. Nettle recipes Avoid getting stung, and nettles can be a nutritious and tasty addition to the kitchen. This nettle ravioli is a great recipe for a spring dinner party, date night for two, or a weekend night when all you want to do is mess around in the kitchen. Step 5: Add lime juice and honey (or desired sweetener). Calamine lotion has shown some promise, and there are many other folk remedies. Stinging nettles tea has long been believed to improve the milk production of a nursing mother and to heal both mouth sores and scratchy throats due to the common cold and flu. Required fields are marked *. The strainer will remove the debris and flowers from the tea. Zappicator by clicking above. Wash the Nettle leaves (mine had a few bugs and a spider). Many people consume nettle tea due to the increase in libido. It will taste bitter and have less medicinal power. Stinging Nettle Tea Leaves by U.S. Wellness Naturals; These cut and sifted nettle leaves are perfect for making nettle tea from your own home; all you need is a strainer and plethora of nettle tea. Make sure to consult with your primary healthcare official prior to consuming any form of herbal tea, including nettle tea. Spring is here and it's time to harvest the nettles for one of the easiest and healthiest natural teas mother nature can provide us with. See more ideas about nettle recipes, nettle, recipes. First, as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Nettle is one of my favorite herbs. Harvest young stinging nettle leaves, toward the top of the plant, before it flowers. Traditionally used to treat high blood pressure. Stinging nettle infusion strengthens the adrenals: relieving anxiety and building focused energy. The experience was exactly the opposite – it almost tasted floral, and just like a basic tulsi tea. Stinging nettle infusions are incredibly nourishing tonics that can help support overall health and wellness. Also called “stinging nettle,” it is packed with nutrients and is even one of the ingredients in my homemade pregnancy tea.Stinging nettle benefits go … Stinging Nettle or Urtica diocia is a wild plant that is used to create nettle tea, its taste is similar to seaweed, albeit earthy and sweeter. Receive health alerts, interviews, customer stories, recipes and more, all from a Hulda Clark perspective. Any antihistamine or hydrocortisone creams can help provide relief from the most severe symptoms. The small plant with fierce looking leaves is found in parts of North America, Africa, and Asia and is covered in tiny hairs that inject chemicals when touched, producing an uncomfortable sensation of stinging. May 23, 2020 - Explore Kate Jessop's board "Nettle Recipes", followed by 103 people on Pinterest. Luckily, nettle tea affects kidneys directly and increases urine output. Hulda Clark 30-Day Herbal Parasite Cleanse Recipe. 1 part dried stinging nettle leaves (see below for how to obtain) 1 part dried rose hips with seeds removed 1 part dried mint leaves honey (optional) PREPARATION. Step 1: Gather 1 Cup of Nettle Leaves and place them in a colander. Wash the Nettle leaves (mine had a few bugs and a spider) Chop a cup or two of nettle leaves and place in a teapot. A real powerhouse you could employ to work for you too. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. The stinging nettle name is due to the the plant’s small hairs that inject histamine and other natural compounds that produce a stinging sensation. Now your tea is complete, enjoy! Put one ounce by weight (about a cup by volume) of the dried nettle herb in a quart jar. This has been studied extensively in animals, but more research is necessary on human subjects. Nettle tea is extremely effective in controlling the symptoms associated with hay fever. The symptoms include a runny or itchy nose, watery eyes, sneezing, and itchy skin. A recent study completed in 2014 that was focused on showing the negative impacts of nicotine on sperm ended up finding that nettle reversed the negative effects. This will remove most of the sting. It can also be used to help reduce the severity of allergic reactions. Pour boiling water over the nettle leaves and let it … This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Join us. How to Make a Stinging Nettle Tincture. Make sure to wear gloves when you are collecting the nettle leaves.
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