Please be sure you are prepared to take the exam within 90 days of the application before you submit. LRP is a secure and non-invasive platform that uses professional proctors and technology to monitor examinees' live while they complete their certification exam. With a supervising CNM and/or WHNP preceptor, the learner functions as a full-scope midwife/WHNP in a … These are the 12 core competencies that have been identified as critical for successful job performance.. © 2020 National Certification Corporation. Competency-based education (CBE) provides a framework for nursing programs including those educating nurse practitioners (NPs). The independent practice core competencies include the following: 1.Works effectively as an autonomous practitioner. Manages both diagnosed and undiagnosed patients as an independent … All rights reserved. 2. NCC no longer accepts certificate prepared applicants. WHNP NPs are able to treat male partners exposed to STIs and sexual orientation issues. �-L`���H�w ��Dr�կ�vI��d5 ���_�.3012������C�����m@� �� � I have done both, both are good programs it just depends on what you want to do as a NP. The Women’s Health CNS Competencies are built upon the National CNS Core Competen-cies (NACNS, 2008) for all clinical nurse specialists. (WHNP) Educationally prepared to provide primary care to women across the life cycle with emphasis on conditions unique to women from menarche through the remainder of their life cycle. }�[}5>�x WHNP Core Competency Area EDUCATION PLAN Normal Physiology and Management (Code 1) *10 hours Primary Care • Health promotion • Risk assessment • Disease prevention • National screening guidelines • Preconceptual counseling Obstetrics • Maternal adaptation to pregnancy • Prenatal care • Routine postpartum care • Lactation and breastfeeding WHO GLOBAL COMPETENCY MODEL 1. The competencies are intended to be used in conjunction with and build upon the core competencies identified for all nurse practitioners. This method of test delivery allows the examinee to take the certification exam from their home, office, or a remote site, using their own computer. Test result reports are NOT available by phone or email, but pass/fail status only can be seen in your account after the official results have been mailed. NPs assess, diagnose, treat and manage acute episodic and chronic illnesses. During the development of our WHNP curriculum, we referenced NONPF and Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) Core Competencies to ensure inclusion of the unique population focus on women’s- and gender-related health. Different jobs demand different competencies, however these twelve competencies are the most commonly recognized behaviors required … First edition named a 2013 Doody’s Core Title—5 stars!The second edition of this distinguished text—designed for use across the entire DNP curriculum—defines practice scholarship for the DNP-prepared professional nurse and promotes the development of key leadership skills needed to effectively influence healthcare policy and improve outcomes. Advocacy for the role of the advanced practice nurse in the health care system. Skills for interpretation and marketing strategies of the family/lifespan nurse practitioner role for the public, legislators, policy-makers, and other health care professions. If you see the results in your account or get a notification from NCC you can expect to receive the full score report in the mail. Get access to exclusive student webinars, discounted WHNP exam review prep, and more. PHN core competencies: Promoting adoption in practice and education. This course guides the learner in a comprehensive synthesis of the skills and knowledge base acquired throughout the program’s core clinical courses and graduate core courses. Upon successful completion of the program, demonstrating all the professional core competencies, the graduate will be academically eligible to take the national certification examination of the ... Tel: (866) 366-9632] and the National Certification Corporation (for WHNP). Join or renew today. Anyone scheduled for LRP beyond that date will have to reschedule at a computer test center. The program can be a master's, DNP or post-master's. • Describing key areas of specialty practice consistent with WHNP education and identified competencies, including high-risk pregnancy, infertility, urogynecology, gynecologic oncology, menopause, and gynecologic office-based procedures. More information can be found at "Testing with LRP". Contact Us. Do NOT have the registrar send separately. WHNP education concepts reflect the practice competencies necessary to partner with women to meet their healthcare needs. Candidate Guides - Exam Content, Competency Statements, Study Resources and Scoring. NCC reserves the right to cancel test scores when there is reason to believe that scores are invalid. Post-Master's applicants also need to upload a PDF of their certificate of completion. PDF file of your official transcript which documents successful completion of all course work and indicates WHNP program. There are no application deadlines and a candidate may submit an application at any time. When new forms of an exam or new test grids are developed official results can take up to 21 BUSINESS days, Faculty, Students, State Boards & Volunteers, Guide to Testing Methods - Rules, Procedures and What to Expect, Obstetrics and Neonatal Quality and Safety Certification. The Guidelines elaborate on the WHNP role in male SRH, take a gender-focused approach to women’s health concerns, and recognize WHNPs’ expertise in performing selected office-based procedures. 4130 0 obj <>stream 270 Washington, DC 20036: (202) 289-8044 Ensures that information is shared. �4G͈�;9e� � The Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies (NP Core Competencies) integrate and build upon existing Master’s and DNP core competencies and are guidelines for educational programs preparing NPs to implement the full scope of practice as a licensed independent practitioner. endstream endobj startxref Prahalad and Hamel wrote that a core competency can be identified by three characteristics: It "provides potential access to a wide variety of markets"; "make[s] a significant contribution to the perceived customer benefits of the end product"; and "should be difficult for competitors to imitate.". Current/active/unencumbered U.S. nursing or advanced practice nursing licensure is required. Core Competencies 1) COMMUNICATING IN A CREDIBLE AND EFFECTIVE WAY Definition: Expresses oneself clearly in conversations and interactions with others; listens actively. Core Competencies for Basic Midwifery Practice •Assume responsibility and accountability for their practice as primary health care providers for women and newborns (first 28 days) •The scope of midwifery practice may be expanded beyond the core competencies to incorporate additional skills and procedures that improve care for h�b```�Il\7�@(������!�A �gt ���WpNa�m``���x�������߇M! ) A candidate who fails to report for an examination will not receive a refund but may change their mode of testing. You will schedule your own exam appointment with AMP/PSI either by phone or via the internet. National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties 1615 M Street, NW, Ste. Identifying, nurturing core competencies. You will be subject to them so it is to your advantage to understand the certification process and rules. �b�Bn����QE@�*0�cIG� RjF��0,J�Q�ǩ����WʊM)#�`љh�=��C ����n� ���)�����\,�W�L�6�,�O��a�c�T��p��T��I�����ݲٿ?� h�� �٫J�>����|�K��x�1�2�z-V�ߠ~���qW�8�C�â� N ��7B�4�nm�[ ��y�%�ŁɚU�ߌ�9�������� NM�,����A)��x��i5���p�v���� �$�� h�bbd```b``� "��HN�uD2��H�0;��f+���H/���2`RLf��c`����`�LƀHv0; D.b�gIF��`v�-Њq��S69$� National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties 1615 M Street, NW, Ste. For a limited time only, it will also be offered through Live Remote Proctoring (LRP). %%EOF Operates professionally under highest level of accountability. 1 Both the NP core competencies document and the population-focused NP competencies document were foundational, and the NPWH Guidelines for Practice and … After 6 hours, an Exam withdrawal Request and fee are required to withdraw. Contact Us. If you choose this method of testing, you must test your computer before you schedule and schedule it early. The Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner: Guidelines for Practice and Education, 8th edition, defines the role of the WHNP, identifies entry level practice competencies, and guides educators in the development of WHNP academic programs. LRP as a method of testing will have to be discontinued within 60 days of NCC being notified by our accreditation organization. If you are taking the test as part of a group or at a PEC course, select Special Testing Opportunities from the menu on the right or contact your PEC sponsor, ICP sponsor or NCC at contact us for further instructions. Students: We're celebrating our 40th anniversary with a student membership sale!Now through December 31, get one year of student membership for $40, or two years for just $80. It can take 1 to 14 days to process, review and approve an application. Successful completion of an accredited graduate nurse practitioner program that meets NCC program requirements and prepares women's health care nurse practitioners. The purpose of the Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner Core Certification is to provide an entry-level, competency-based examination that tests specialty knowledge and the application of that knowledge for licensed registered nurses in the US and Canada who have completed a US accredited Nurse practitioner program in the role of a Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner providing obstetrical, gynecological and primary care to women within inpatient and outpatient settings. This must be issued from the school registrar and uploaded with your application. The National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (NONPF) has partnered with various organizations to explicate the core competencies in the WHNP profession, which include promoting health and preventing disease in women throughout their lives; paying thought to age, culture, and psychosocial considerations in the development of treatment plans for gender-related needs (e.g., … The competencies are essential behaviors of all NPs. Id really like to go on to become a NP, but am unsure of the road to take. The program is designed and continually revised to address the ACNM Core Competencies of Basic Midwifery Practice and skills required for today’s versatile nurse-midwife as medical knowledge expands, health care systems evolve, and technology advances in … "This is an excellent book for both students and current DNPs. 3. However, there is a requirement that a minimum of 4 business days occurs between the time of scheduling and the test date. NPs are experts in health promotion and disease prevention. 'r��M���)Q�������ٵ Named a 2013 Doody's Core Title! PDF file of your diploma for upload to the NCC website. See your eligibility letter for contact information. Some of the core competencies of the Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, according to the NONPF, include: Provides culturally appropriate reproductive and primary care for women of all ages Evaluates gender-specific interventions and integrates gender-specific evidence into practice The basic assumption of CBE is that the student will demonstrate acquisition of the identified essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes expected for the designated educational process before leaving the learning environment. What are the 12 Core Competencies?. Applications submitted by mail, fax or email will not be accepted and will be returned to the individual. Prior to attempting the examination, you will be given the opportunity to practice taking a test on your computer. You must take the exam within 8 years of graduation from your program. Incomplete applications are subject to a $30 reprocessing fee. NCC Certification - Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner (WHNP-BC). Produces effective written communications. 270 Washington, DC 20036 (202) 289-8044 These competencies also incorporate the current knowledge base and scope of practice derived from standards of practice and evidence -based guidelines developed by the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric Test center exams will be delivered by appointment only Monday through Saturday at 9:00 am and 1:30 pm, via computer at over 100 AMP Assessment Centers geographically located throughout the United States. Only online registrations on this website are accepted. 0 These competencies emphasize the unique philosophy of practice for the psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner specialty and the needs of the populations served. Read the details of LRP prior to scheduling your exam. Once the date for mandatory shut down is provided, this method of testing will end. However, Im now a nurse partner in high risk L&D and I LOVE it! Our Curriculum Our approach integrates a foundation of nursing theory, research and evidence-based practice with coursework to develop skills in advanced health assessment, illness and disease management, health promotion, pathophysiology and pharmacology. The purpose of the Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner Core Certification is to provide an entry-level, competency-based examination that tests specialty knowledge and the application of that knowledge for licensed registered nurses in the US and Canada who have completed a US accredited Nurse practitioner program in the role of a Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner providing obstetrical, gynecological and primary care to women … 4054 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<8C08633D24724DE3A88432A75FCCC728><97C504472750C344852A16129647254D>]/Index[4005 126]/Info 4004 0 R/Length 187/Prev 849869/Root 4006 0 R/Size 4131/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream EFFECTIVE BEHAVIOURS INEFFECTIVE BEHAVIOURS 1. A fnp can do anything a WHNP can do but a WHNP is trained as a specialist FNP is a generalist. whnp Home / Admissions / WHNP The Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP) track prepares students for advanced practice nursing in the management of gynecological, prenatal, and primary care of … You are not certified until you receive your official results in the USPS mail. �r� [+�� This registration portal is only for those taking the test via computer. Nurse Practitioner students must also meet the Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies as defined by the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (2017) and the population-focused specific competencies established for their respective future area(s) of practice. endstream endobj 4006 0 obj <>/Metadata 133 0 R/Pages 4000 0 R/StructTreeRoot 241 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj 4007 0 obj <. Proof of misconduct is not required to cancel scores. NONPF - 2 Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies with Suggested Curriculum Content 2017 In the development of the nurse practitioner (NP) population-focused competencies, a task force had extensive discussions of competencies vs. It is recommended that you read the Registration Catalog, candidate guide, Testing guide and website materials for the exam you are taking so you can become familiar with all NCC policies and procedures. �S�zL�0t,��\1o��u;W���z n�8�C�! I always thought I was going to go to the ER b/c of my experience as a medic and EMT in the Army. If you do not receive your eligibility letter or have an eligibility letter in your account within 2 weeks of your exam application submission confirmation, please ". %PDF-1.7 %���� Importance of … Nurse practitioners (NPs) are licensed, independent practitioners who practice in ambulatory, acute and long-term care as primary and/or specialty care providers. Candidates are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Eligibility letters are emailed and can also be found in your account. FNP gives you much more flexability in potential employment. The primary areas it addresses--leadership, healthcare policy, and information technology---are essential for the advanced practice nurse to function as a change agent in today's healthcare environment. Sonda Oppewal, PhD, RN, School of Nursing, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Carrington Hall, CB #7460, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7460, 919 843-6169,, Beth F. Lamanna, WHNP, MPH, RN, Dep. k�l,V�cU�Ec��������H(��\^�l��\�Z&�c`SzΕq(��q���[����I�/�5�얬>`^>��ҫpe���)7�����\PHHX��P��I�s�V���n�dm�@�r���w�r���\&6V=gs���~3�\ S r�%^ ��/74ghI�(��Ur�}�ڠ�gf��|�B`�ۄL׷7��H;46zO8{x���e`�M�K����_�J^�y'���c��:9�)Л^_~�l��V4�i��#�O8&��Lz�+mQ�9lQV���>Iٕ�pH����5�*�����T��/��&������Ļ����i��CV^��s�TJ�7ʸyxy��N)ǥ��SnA�@��\h� 0��1O0[.0pT�1�\p�1�~��F��q�ڷ����$��� Tށ 4005 0 obj <> endobj This certification is offered with Computer Testing at a Computer Test Center.
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